Diagnostic laboratories are committed to providing quality information for patient care.

Whether you’re performing tests or reporting data, patients and their clinicians depend on your ability to deliver results as quickly as possible. But your job is about more than efficiency.

Accuracy is of the utmost importance. You simply cannot afford to rely on workarounds or use systems that lack integration.

That’s why we developed the Medisys LIS™ clinical solution.

Medisys LIS™ is a fully integrated software solution specifically designed to increase your lab’s efficiency while enhancing the quality of your work. Unlike traditional LIS and Medisys LIS™ software there is no need to purchase additional modules. You get a complete solution with the features and flexibility to meet the unique demands in your laboratory including complex genetic and molecular diagnostic workflows .

Above all, our system is backed by a team of dedicated experts with the knowledge and insight to help you overcome any challenges you face along the way.

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