Electronic Health Record (EMR/EHR): What is it? What’s its future?

Zootopia the famous classic animation comedy movie has a hilarious scene where the central character the movie Judie the rabbit and her accomplice Nick the fox had to wait for hours to get the details she needed from the DMV office.

The hilarious part about the scene is that the officer in the front desk is a sloth with the name Mr. Flash.

Yes, we all laughed, But if we think about it, haven’t we experienced the same?

If it’s Mr. Flash in the movie. In real life, it was due to outdated data collecting procedure.

However, everything has changed to an extent for good after the arrival of digital data.

Technology has traveled so far that now data can be stored, managed as well as processed, consuming minuscule of space compared to that of its predecessor. Thanks to electronic data storage and management.

Above all that its application in the present and future is game changing.

Same is the scenario of the medical sector. Everything changed after the arrival of digitized medical data  IE, EHR/EMR.

Let’s go through it in detail.

What is Electronic Medical Record/ Electronic Health Report (EMR/EHR)?

Hospital nowadays is embracing technology like never before. EHR/EMR is said to be the crucial part of that process.

Complete medical history of a patient can be stored, managed as well as organized in digital format. Such digitized medical report is known as EMR/EHR.

Details of demographics, progress notes, radiology data, test results, medical history, pedigree, medications, vital signs, symptoms etc. can be included in an EMR. To put it precisely the types of medical data that can be included and its possibilities are endless.

Models of EHR

Distribution based Model: There will be a centralized electronic record to which data can be sent and accessed. This kind of models is usually used in government hospitals. The biggest advantage of this type of storage is that the cross reference of data will be easy and the danger of data theft or loss will be minimal.

Facility-Based Model: Data collected will be stored in storage unit installed in the hospital, a facility or even a third party hosting company. The data upon request can be forwarded to the centralized system for deep analysis as well as cross checking.

Web Based Model: Entire medical data of a patient will be stored in a well-secured web space where access and manipulation will carry in accordance with authorization.

Benefits of EMR/EHR

  • Accurate, up-to-date, completely flexible information

  • Quick access and helps in improving health care

  • Ability to share information with other hospitals or doctors for expert advice.

  • Impeccable security

  • Faster and reliable treatment

  • Improved interaction between, patients, doctors as well as laboratories.

  • Legible and complete prescription, documentation etc.

  • Reduced errors

  • Reducing cost and assured ROI

  • Improves productivity and decreases tension among workers

What’s the future of EHR and why is it the future of health care?

  • Days of bulky computers in hospitals will be long gone in the days to come. The versatility and flexibility of hand held computers might make hospitals deploy it more.

  • Interoperability will make health care evolve to the next level. More options for it will come to practice in the coming years.

  • Genetics has a major role in the disease of a person or a family. When a patient arrives at the hospital his pedigree can be constructed and saved so that diagnosis of family members in future will be quick and easy.

  • The biggest skepticism about EHR was that it’s going to steal jobs from people. Nowadays EHR has become one of the major contributors of job in the medical sector.

  • Improved security in hospital data management. As years are passing by data theft is becoming hard to tackle. So EHR is bound to increase their security in accordance with time.

  • Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) course will be more transparent and accessible

  • Due to EHR health care is going to improve miraculously than the past.

  • EHR will enable doctors to get an expert opinion with ease and that too quickly.

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