Hospital billing software, why is it crucial?

Paper based data entry and calculations are frustrating, time-consuming as well as wastage of many resources.

Luckily, this outdated technique is at the brink of extinction owing to,

  • Since the material used for billing (Paper) is fragile it will get expired

  • minimal security

  • the data interpretation and processing is tedious as everything is done manually.

Technology has managed to bring unimaginable change to our world. Same has happened to the billing system. Now we are at the juncture of time where billing software is incorporated with algorithms which have the ability to perform complex tasks.

However, Stand alone billing software has lot’s of limitations as they are only meant for calculations as well as bill generation.

In the case of hospitals, billing software now has the capability to integrate with Hospital Management System and can reach its maximum potential by performing complex tasks.

Let’s see why a billing software becomes crucial to a hospital especially when it gets attached to a Management system.

  1. OPD Billing such as consultation, Lab-tests, medicines, etc

  2. IPD billing such as admission, room, consultant, surgeon, various charges, tests etc.

  3. Access to multiple details in a single platform for better revenue management

  4. Communication and integration with different departments

  5. Can offer web based as well as cloud based support.

  6. Ability to work (certain features) offline.

  7. Measure patient wait time so that improvement can be made

  8. Management of billing categories such as cheque, credit card, internet payment etc.

  9. Customizable tariff plans

  10. Billing for emergency services

  11. Bill estimation

  12. Incorporate analysis to track revenue spending

  13. Add concessions as well as exceptions to the bills

  14. Automatic cancellation of unwanted services

  15. Health package creation and management

What to consider before buying a billing software?

It has to be remembered that billing is the back bone of any industry. Flaws in the system can create damage to an unbelievable extent.

Do not panic, just focus on these points before you buy the software.

  • Consult the accountant: Chief accountant is the one who has been handling the hospital accounts for a long time. He will have an exact idea about what should be there in a billing software.

  • Customer Support: A good software company should also offer good customer service after the installation. Complete training on the software, as well as crash support, should be offered so that there won’t be any room for panic.

  • Customization: The software should have the facility to add or even deduct features from it.

  • Updates: Updates for the software should be done automatically so that time won’t be wasted from the day to day activity.

  • EMR compatibility: Make sure that the Electronic Medical Record of the hospital can be synced with the new software.

  • Integration: The billing section of the software should integrate with other sections of the hospital so that retrieving bills and adding them to the patient’s profile can be done easily.

What will happen after the installation of the software?

  • Quick ROI (Return on investment)

  • Increased efficiency in the accounting section

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Faster bill generation

  • Better time management

About Medical Billing Software Price 

It is indeed a clever idea to download a free software and try it out to get an overview of the digitized accounting system. However, It has to be remembered that free services have a lot of limitations and the quality they offer are mostly not up to the mark.

Another issue is that when it comes to trouble shooting there won’t be any support apart from online forums and blogs.

In the case of paid software. The software will be extremely flexible and cutting edge. Online support team will be available at any time for assistance if there is an issue.

Local server based software is costly and has high maintenance fees. However, the security it offers is impeccable.

Web based cloud software is fairly priced and has a support team at disposal whenever their services are required. Most people opt cloud software because of its scalability feature.

The price range of medical billing software in India varies in accordance with its capabilities. However, The price range is usually affordable for the basic ones.

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