How to chose a good Health Care Management System?

Health Care Management System and its possibilities are endless. Nowadays hospitals across the world are installing the system just because of 3 advantages,

  • Money it saves

  • Customer satisfaction it guarantees

  • It is the gateway to the future

You will make better decisions once you begin thinking long-term rather than short-term.” – Adam Kirk Smith

After realizing the benefits the system possesses imagine that a hospital has decided to install a Health Care Management System.

What would be the next step?

Yes! The choice. Choosing the correct software system to digitize a hospital is indeed crucial.

Having farsighted vision about the future of the hospital is a must in the decision making.

However, is that all?

Let’s have a look.

Review: Be it any product there are online reviews from customers available on the internet. But there are certain factors that one should consider while reading reviews.

  • Read multiple reviews as there are people who write reviews with hidden agenda

  • Check the rating as people often rate the software in accordance with their experience

  • Do not just focus on review from single website compare reviews from multiple websites

Cost: In a hurry to install a health care management system do not fall prey for any deal that’s hefty.

Always calculate and be aware of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

TCO = software price + labor cost + support fees + licensing fees + hardware cost.

History of the company: A details research about the back ground of the software system provider has to be done before getting into any kind of deal with them. Also, check the companies that have availed the software system in the past.

The Internet is a place where nothing can be hidden, so make use of it

Flexibility: Forte of the health care management system is its flexibility. Check the modularity of the system which is an ample example of the flexibility.

Cloud based or local hosting: There are two ways to host a management software in the hospital. Buy a local server or get the help of cloud based server.

Purchasing as well as maintaining a local server is expensive. Cloud based hosting is cheap and is effective for small and medium sized hospitals.

However, huge hospitals often go for a local server the reason being the confidentiality and flexibility it offers.

Complete control over Data: Make sure that the data that has been stored in the cloud system is under the control of the administration. And also make sure that if the company that you have purchased the system from will assist you in transferring the data to another provider if you wish to change.

Interfacing: Sometimes hospitals wish to change their existing hospital management system. In this kind of situation make sure that the EMR stored in your previous software is compatible with that of the new one.

Customization: Management software that a hospital chose should be tailor made to suit the needs as well as the style of a hospital.

Training: Most of the Hospital Management Systems are easy to use. However, confusions can happen at the first. Make sure that the company that you have purchased the software with will give proper guidance to all the staffs.

Demo: Request for a trial run or a demo of the software system that you are purchasing. Make sure that it has the capability to run the way you have discussed with the company.

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