Medisys Develops Discharge Accelerator Web Application to Help Hospitals

Medisys has introduced a revolutionary application ‘Discharge Accelerator’ that lets hospitals reduce their discharge time. The move has come as a reprieve, as most hospitals both inside and outside the country lack a structured method for this purpose. Most hospitals complain about the fact that on a given working day, the discharging process is the most time consuming and tedious one. More often than not this can lead to hospitals losing their reputation.

This is where the efforts of Medisys can help hospitals improve their services. Medisys embarks on a journey to create solutions for hospitals by integrating an electronic health record. This has helped hospital’s transform all physical records into a more reliable paperless information system thereby reducing human effort.

What the discharge accelerator app does is it simplifies the process of discharge and reduces time by efficiently organizing the process of discharge. The app categorizes the entire discharge process into 11 simple steps. With each step being handled by a team dedicated to it, patients can now be free those never ending discharge episodes.


Steps involved in discharge

  1. The discharge process begins with the discharge initiation and is handled by the nurse once the doctor approves the patient discharge.
  2. Next, the nurse or the assistant doctor writes the discharge summary based on the input given by the doctors.
  3. The summary is drafted by a discharge summary team to be reviewed by the doctor.
  4. The summary is reviewed by the doctor and any necessary suggestions are made.
  5. Once the doctor is satisfied with the summary the discharge summary team approves the summary, to be used in the next step in discharge.
  6. The billing team will simultaneously begin reviewing the billing details.
  7. The insurance team after the billing process is completed checks for and adds the insurance details to finalize the bill.
  8. Next the billing team checks if the bill is paid.
  9. Once the billing team is finished, the pharmacy will provide the patient with medicines that he/she needs.
  10. Once the above steps are completed the process of patient discharge takes place.
  11. Finally the room is made ready for the next patient.


With the Discharge Accelerator app from Medisys these processes can be managed quickly and easily. With a hand held device using a discharge accelerator app the time taken for these individual steps can be monitored. The management team can use this knowledge to improve discharge time, therefore acquiring the patient satisfaction.

KIMS hospital in Kerala was the first to have adopted discharge accelerator to solve the issues involved in patient discharge. This has helped their discharge process become more organised and streamlined. The greatest benefit of using such an app to handle discharge is that it prevents nurses and other staff from visiting each department to analyse the status of a patient’s discharge. They can operate from their work stations with the discharge accelerator website.

The patients are also benefitted by the application of discharge accelerator in his/her discharge process. The mobile app makes bedside discharge possible as the patient need not move around to get himself discharged.

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