Enterprise Intelligence


Enterprise Intelligence: Mapping Your Next Move

In healthcare, fresh data accumulates across the health system every day, and leaders are overwhelmed with information. But do they know what to do with it?

Enterprise intelligence is a new management model for those who want to understand their data, not just read it. The Medisys Enterprise Intelligence™ solution aggregates the right clinical, financial and operational data from all settings — acute care, physician practice, homecare and others — and transforms it into actionable information.

Medisys Enterprise Intelligence uses predefined healthcare metrics, healthcare benchmarks and both real-time and retrospective performance analytics to help you make strategic decisions and improve clinical and financial outcomes

Medisys Enterprise Intelligence will help you:

  • Manage population health with powerful clinical integration and risk management tools
  • Predict and manage financial health to promote accountable care
  • Drive clinical quality and safety through meaningful use of technology
  • Accelerate physician alignment to achieve healthcare quality improvement
  • Streamline workflow and throughput with enterprise capacity management
  • Measure workforce productivity to improve quality performance, as well as staff and patient satisfaction
  • Promote a culture of accountability and information transparency
  • Manage regulatory requirements, such as value-based purchasing

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