Revenue Enhancement

Clinical and Fiscal Come Together to Keep HMS Customers Right on the Money.

The business of healthcare poses an interesting challenge in that it simply cannot operate in a vacuum. While vital to the long-term viability of an enterprise, it’s almost universally viewed as secondary to a facility’s higher calling — patient care. At Medisys HIS™, we understand the symbiotic relationship of clinical and financial systems, and our products and services are uniquely positioned to serve both masters optimally.

Revenue enhancement cuts across virtually every department in a healthcare enterprise. The efficient documentation of patient care and its impact on the bottom line is undeniable, while an informed approach to the revenue cycle powers an enterprise ability to sustain a high level of care. In short, one hand washes the other. That’s why Medisys HIS™’ fully integrated clinical and financial IT solutions offer such value to its Customer base.

On the clinical side, our solutions ensure documentation is complete and accurate, coding is correct the first time, supplies are utilized properly and charges are appropriately captured. In terms of patient access solutions, HMS provides for proactive, up-front eligibility checks that verify insurance coverage and intervene when revenue is at risk. On the back-end, our revenue cycle solutions offer prompt and precise coding and billing services, as well as materials management and accounts payable for favorable, profitable interaction with vendors.

The fact that all of these revenue-enhancing systems are integrated and deployed across your entire enterprise serves to truly streamline operations and capitalize on revenue potential. The result is increased efficiencies, maximized utilization of technology and, ultimately, a better bottom line.

Nowhere is the wisdom of Medisys HIS™’ holistic approach to revenue enhancement more evident than in the two biggest revenue-driving departments of today’s hospitals — the ED and surgery suite. Here HMS offers best-of-breed IT solutions that seamlessly integrate with our overall enterprise solution to capture charges once care is documented and optimize both of these financially-critical areas.

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