Top 10 Best features of an EMR Software

MR/EHR (Electronic Medical Record/ Electronic Health Record) has been gaining wide acceptance lately.

The reasons being,

  • The money it saves

  • It is the future of health care sector.

Those hospitals which have installed EMR/EHR system will unanimously say that it has become the pulse of their hospital.

Anyhow, there are certain questions that pop-up in general regarding EMR/EHR

Let’s go through them in detail.

What is an EMR/EHR?

EMR/EHR is the digitized storage of patient information in a database. These records can be transferred from one software platform or even a device to another.

Data that can be included in an EMR includes,

Demographics, Patient disease details, diagnosis result, Lab test results, radiology results and images, medical history, personal statistics, allergy details etc.

List of features of an EMR/EHR software/system

1. Security: Paper based patient data storage system has only minimal security as it is prone to fatal human errors. The digitized system is highly secured due to two reasons.

  • Access to data will vary according to authorization

For eg: A doctor will have much more access than that of a lab technician.

  • Data is stored in a highly secured environment.

2. Practice Management: EMR software has the capability to make the daily routine of a hospital easy. For that purpose, modules can be added to the software according to the need of hospitals

Modules of an EMR software in practice management includes,

  • Registration

  • Billing

  • Scheduling

  • Authorization

  • Business report generation

  • consents

  • results

3. Communication: An EMR software has the capability of being a communication system for a hospital. Communication in hospital mainly happens between,

The staff of the hospital, between patients and doctors, with other providers, with a technical support team of the vendors, different section of the hospital etc.

4. Scheduling: Appointments always create confusions between patients and doctors. A well equipped EHR software will have a scheduling section where patients can book appointments with the doctors of their desired choice. EHR should also send reminder to patients via email or SMS

5. Work flow: Quality EMR software should have the ability to automate workflows for the staffs in the hospitals.

Eg: checklists

6. Medication management: Modules of this feature includes,

  • E-prescription – Prescriptions that can be stored in digital format

  • Result Retrieval –Ability to retrieve results from various labs

  • Evidence support: Ability to offer evidence based decision support with the help of clinical decision-making tasks

  • Drug Information System: Record of complete medical history, automated safety checking etc.

  • Pharmacy: With the help of analytics calculate drug usage and spending pattern

7. Order Entry: Telephonic order, as well as internet order, can be completely recorded. IF there is any delay or even anomaly in the order. Notification will pop-up to inform the concerned person.

8. Telephone Management: Ability to manage calls to the hospital as well as make a report based on call based inquiries.

9. Ease of access: The interface of a well-made software system will be simple rather than being aesthetically pleasing. Navigation through the software will be a piece of cake.

10. Adaptability: Scalability, customization etc are crucial aspects of this feature.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Registries: System should have the ability to manage registration details of patients.

  • Scanning: Ability to scan reports and store it in the designated section as well as to give access to authorized entry.

  • Confidentiality: Ability of the software to handle access according to priority based on types, provider type, information type, etc

  • Mobile device support: Ability of the software to integrate with mobile platforms via the app.

  • Encryption: E-mails send via the system should be encrypted for security purposes.

  • Work offline: There will be scenarios where internet connection might not be available. EMR Software system has the ability to work basic functions offline and update it to the database after the internet is back on.

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